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Why did we create Supermarket Delivery Slot?

When the Covid-19 lockdown started back in March 2020 we became very concerned because a member of our family was identified as vulnerable and was advised to shield for 12 weeks.

As a family (including our teenage children) we decided to all shield at home together which meant we could not leave the house to go to the supermarket.

This meant we were dependant on supermarket delivery slots for our groceries which proved very challenging and stressful. We were browsing supermarket websites checking for availability through the day with most times being unsuccessful. We became very worried to the point where we would wake in the night and check again. Our elderly parents were also facing the same issues and friends had other concerns like not wanting to take their young children into supermarkets. As a software developer this made me question that there must be an easier way to resolve this.

As a consequence of the Covid-19 situation I lost my job as a software developer. This led me to get to work creating a software application that searches for available supermarket delivery slots that can be used by our family, friends and anyone else that is in the same difficult and stressful situation.

The result is SupermarketDeliverySlot.co.uk that searches supermarket delivery slots 24/7 and notifies you when any become available in your location. There is a small charge for using the application of which a percentage will be donated to the NHS Charities in recognition of the amazing work they do.

The application is already being used by us and many others and is taking a little stress out of the Covid-19 difficult situation. We hope that it can do the same for you...

Basingstoke Gazette "Jobless Basingstoke man created essential supermarket delivery service."